Ford Tires for Sale and Repair

The tires on our vehicle are extremely important. Not only do they connect us to the roads we travel, but they also can change our fuel efficiency, grip us to slick situations, and assist us in going wherever we'd like to go. To keep your car's tires prepared for anything, we recommend routine tire service and maintenance.

What Type of Ford Tire Service is Recommended?

Tire maintenance is necessary, regardless of the vehicle you're driving around Malvern, Glen Mills, or beyond. Here are some common tire services you'll want to include.

  • Tire Rotations - Each tire wears at its own rate and varies depending on how you drive, what type of route you take, and what type of roads you're on. Uneven wear can lead to premature tire replacements, tire blowouts, or flat tires. It can also cause your vehicle to become unbalanced. Schedule a tire rotation at every oil change to keep your car's tires wearing evenly.
  • Tire Inspections - You'll want to inspect the tires often to ensure they are in good condition. Check the tire walls for any damage or tears, inspect the tread depth, and make sure that the air pressure is within its recommended range. If something isn't right, you may need to replace the tires altogether.
  • Tire Changes and Replacements - You may want to change your tires with every summer and winter season. Here in West Chester, PA, we see a good amount of winter weather, which requires a tire changeover.
  • Wheel Alignments - If your car is veering to the side when it should be going straight, you may have a wheel alignment issue.

Schedule Your Tire Service at Fred Beans Ford of West Chester

If you need any tire service on your Ford car, truck, SUV, or van, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our service center today! We'd love to help you keep your tires in excellent condition.